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A dog and his Mother
Trackr spening time with his owner

The Adventures of Trackr and Amy J. 

A little background on how this began… 

I have been asked by my many friends to tell those of you who have not followed us in the past a little about myself. My name is Amy J Falk, and I have cerebral palsy and am wheelchair bound living a full life as a Christian romance novelist and internationally known blogger. I am best known for being the founder of Fans of Believe Pictures. This is a fan site and discussion group about the television and movie production company, Believe Pictures Productions. My fan discussion articles are about the hit Hallmark TV series When Calls the Heart and what I call the Landon Senior Legacy, which involves Michael Landon’s Little House on the Prairie. It is because of this that I became a lifetime member of the Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum in Walnut Grove Minnesota in 2018. I love learning about the history that created the show Little House on the Prairie. I have a passion for learning the history of the show itself and the people who created it. Some of the lesser-known movie promotions I have been involved in are Case for Christ, Captive, and Godspeed the race across America. 

To answer a few questions, I get about my younger years, at the age of 7, I was the United Cerebral Palsy poster child for the state of Minnesota. As a Cerebral Palsy spokesperson, I appeared on several telethons to raise money and appeared with many celebrities over the years until I turned 18. I was accepted in the summer of 1997 into the Do It program at Washington State University. This was a prestigious international program at the time for students with disabilities with an interested in technology to prepare them to go to college. In 1999 I attended college at Anoka Ramsey and took two years’ worth of courses in psychology. Then later, I returned to college in 2004 at Anoka Ramsey on-line college to receive my Home Business certificate of completion. In 2004 I spent some time creating slideshows for people with digital media. I also spent some time being a computer artist and selling T-shirts and prints of my artwork, which I occasionally still sell online. In 2009 I published my first novel, Love’s Dream. 

Some of you have been following us since the beginning and may recognize some of the things on this site. We have decided to move our page here and regroup our focus. On this website, you will find stories chronicling mine and Trackr my service dogs’ adventures. He was given to me by Can Do Canines a nonprofit organization in New Hope, Minnesota. After an extensive application, interview process and 18 hours of training. Trackr permanently came to live with me on December 27th, 2017. 

My many fans and friends have requested that I put up a wishlist for Trackr with the food he eats or toys and accessories so they may send him gifts at their convenience. The reason this is so important is that he has an extremely specific diet, and I am allergic to latex! I have received gifts that I had to return for this reason. Also, they have requested that gift cards are available on the wishlist for groomer and vet bills. Eventually, the dream for this site is to have a store as well. All proceeds for everything sold once we get the store up and running will go towards Trackr’s needs. 

Thank you for being interested in our story 

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