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  • Amy J.

Another Day visiting Mommy

February 6th,2020

Grandma and Grandpa brought me to the hospital again today to visit mommy. The doctor said she’s not ready to come home quite yet, probably another day. I’m a little sad because I missed her so much, but I give her a lot of kisses, a lot of love during my visits. I hope she can come home soon so we can snuggle in our own bed. I thought our bed was small; this one in the hospital is even smaller. It makes it more difficult for me to be gentle when I snuggle with her because there’s not much room, but I still managed to do it. The nurses think it’s a good idea to get my snuggles in when I can, it helps cheer mommy up. I’m so glad I can cheer her up. I know she gets lonely without me.