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  • Amy J.

Back to our normal routine. Thank goodness!

February 8th, 2020

I am so excited, it’s my first full day with Mommy since she got back from the hospital yesterday. She’s doing so much better; she’s even playing with me and giving me extra snuggles. I was so happy to see my service human Thea today as well, and then to my surprise, I saw Grandma on the couch this morning. Boy Oh boy was I excited I couldn’t decide who to go to first. There were three people all at the same time that I love to be with, so I just kept run back and forth between them. I didn’t know what to do with myself. Mommy called me a crazy dog and told me to calm down, then she laughed and gave me a kiss. Since mommy was feeling so much better after she spent some time with me this morning, she told me to go outside and play with my service human Thea. We played right outside mommy’s windows so she could watch me frolic in the snow. One of mommy’s favorite things to do in the winter is watching me have so much fun in the snow. Then we had to come inside and help mommy organize all of her crafts. We missed out on a craft show that we were planning to have at our apartment building on Tuesday because Mommy was in the hospital, but mommy told me not to worry about it because we will reschedule as soon as we can. I hope so, I know mommy’s put a lot of work into all the crafts. Anyway, she wanted to reorganize the apartment because it was starting to look a little messy with everything sitting around. We pretty much got all of that done today including Auntie Shannon wine bottles she dropped off for a craft that is yet to be determined. It was her craft donation to make money for my vet bills and other things that I might need.

Later this afternoon, when my service human Thea took me out to play again, she tried to throw my frisbee down the empty hallway so that I could go get it. Instead of flying down the hallway like it was supposed to, it flew into the door frame and dropped at Thea’s feet hiding from me behind the door frame. I looked at her funny, cocking my head to the side then waddling over and peaked around the corner of the wall to find the Frisbee laying there. Silly service human, it has been a long day of fun, work and snuggles. I am so tired and mommy is calling me for bed. Good night, everyone.