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  • Amy J.

No pictures, please!

January 21st, 2020

My service human Thea came today to help my mom, but after she was finished, she played with me outside like she always does especially in the winter when Mom can’t get around outside. Anyway, there were some heavy snowfalls over the last few days, so she was making our own trails in the yard by dragging her feet in the snow to make it easier to get around in the deep snow the next time we were out. Thea taught me a new game follow-the-leader that is until Thea took out her phone, I hate that phone. She is always stopping to take my picture instead of playing with me or watching the neat trick I am doing. I know she’s doing it for the website and for Mom, but I still don’t like it and I wanted to tell her that. I don’t like to bark at people, so I garbled at her until I made sure she put it away and it was completely out of sight then I continued on down the trail we were making. When she tried to take her phone out again, I did bark this time to let her know that I was not a happy boy! Not just once either but then I had to stop. Thea kept asking me what I saw in the woods that scare me into barking, then she figured out it was her phone that I was mad about. I really hate getting my picture taken. I don’t know what is worse getting your photo taken or a cell phone that takes people’s attention off of what is important around them. Maybe next time instead of giving Mom her cell phone when she asks, I’ll throw it in the garbage. Although I’ll have to do it when she’s not looking, or I will be grounded to my kennel.