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  • Amy J.

Taking Mommy to the knee surgeon

January 30th, 2020

Mommy’s knees have been sore lately. So, we decided to take her to the knee surgeon; when I say we, I mean her doctors decided she should see a surgeon, and I have to take her. I wasn’t a fan of going there; it was a new place, and there were lots of new people examining Mommy. I tried to tell the surgeon that Mommy was in a lot of pain but for some reason, he couldn’t understand me and when he was examining her, mommy said ouch! Immediately I jumped up and kissed her and he laughed at me. They always do I don’t understand humans when they laugh at me. Mommy said, thank you, and told me to lay down again after she gave me a hug. The doctor says he thinks it’s just scar tissue and it’s something mommy is going to have to deal with because of all the surgeries she’s had over the years. Before I knew it, he recommends adding some padding to her equipment, so her knees didn’t hit in that particular area all the time. At least this way if they did hit it would be more comfortable. I hope this helps her. I wasn’t exactly on my best behavior with all the new people around, but mommy is sure now that I’ve met them, I will do better next time. I just get nervous when new people have to take care of her.