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  • Amy J.

The doctor is ready to see you now.

January 23rd, 2020

Today I had to take Mommy to the clinic for a checkup. She’s still not quite the same after her surgery, but the doctor said she’s doing reasonably well. They’re just checking out a few things to make sure her infection that she had after surgery is totally gone. She’s been really busy and playing with me a lot lately but she has been awfully tired compared to what she usually is. I’m pretty sure she is okay, but I had to make sure and give the doctor my two cents. So, every time mommy and she were finished talking, I would make sure and tell the doctor what I thought. I didn’t bark because I know that’s not a good thing at a doctor’s office. However, I was sure to give the doctor my opinion by garbling continually, then whimpering a few times in between to tell her that Mommy is not feeling well and this has made me very sad.

Then after the doctor's appointment, the doctor told me that it was time to take my mommy to the lab. I don’t like the lab; there is a lot of needles in there! This time for some reason mommy decided that it was time for us to go in the lab without the personal care attendant with us for the first time. Mommy told her assistant that it was time for me to grow up and help her in the lab all by myself. Her assistant agreed and decided to wait for us in the lobby. Mommy took me back in the lab with her and when the lady pulled out the needle, I jumped on top of my mommy instantly trying to protect her. I don’t like those pokey things going into mommy skin and I know Mommy doesn’t like them either. Mommy patted me on the head and told me that I was doing a good job, but I needed to get down and lay still so the nurse could do her job.

I wined and gave Mommy a kiss on her cheek but then did what I was told. Once the nurse finishes unwrapping the needle, I turn the other way so I couldn’t see them sticking it in her arm. The nurse kind of giggled at this I don’t know why it was funny though I don’t think it’s funny at all. Those things are scary! They had the fill four vials of blood. Can you believe it!? I wanted to ask the nurse if she was sure the doctor wasn’t a vampire or something but mommy said that wouldn’t be polite. After it was all over mommy told me we were done, and I gave her more kisses and I even gave her a hug by putting my Paws upon her shoulders and laying my head on her shoulder as well. All the nurses said I was adorable and gushed over the fact that I was giving my mommy a hug. Don’t they hug their humans? What’s so strange and fantastic about that?! Sometimes people are so confusing! Well, now we’re home, and I told Mommy it was time to rest and as soon as she was settled with her bowl of homemade chili, I laid on the couch and now I’m going to take a nap!