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  • Amy J.

Visiting mommy in the hospital

February 5th, 2020

As promised, Grandma and Grandpa brought me to the hospital today to visit my mommy. She is feeling much better, but I was still worried about her towards the end of the day. They let me climb in bed and laying on her lap, I was careful not to lay on her tummy so that I wouldn’t hurt her, but I sniffed it. Still doesn’t seem right to me, and the doctors say she has to stay one more night, maybe two. I hope they can figure this out so Mommy can come home soon. I really miss her when she’s not around and I know she misses me too. I was so glad I got to snuggle with her before grandma said it was time to go, I gave her plenty of kisses and hugged her legs before I said goodbye. Grandma said we can come back tomorrow and see if we can take mommy home. I hope we can but I want her to be better first, so whatever the doctor thinks is best is what we will have to deal with. There were several people that were surprised that they let me in to visit Mommy. I’m one of the lucky ones I’m a service dog I am legally allowed to go to most public places, excluding a surgical room.