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  • Amy J.

What kind of creature is this?

January 24th, 2020

Mommy’s friend Thea and I were playing in the backyard in the snow, so mommy could watch us through her window. Then all of a sudden, I stopped playing and sniffed at the ground because I noticed there was a new scent in the air. When I was sniffing the ground, I then noticed that there was a new pair of tracks. We’re not sure what this is but something new is in my yard. Does anybody know what these tracks belong to? We would sure like to know. I am awfully curious!

Then later this afternoon, when we went out playing again, Thea threw the gloves that I play with. I liked to steal Thea’s gloves so much that she gave me my own pair of her old gloves to play with over the winter. One of them landed in the mud and I can’t play with it anymore because it’s dirty now! I grumbled at Thea, so she had to go get the other glove that was clean because I refuse to play with the dirty glove. I wouldn’t even pick it up and hand it to her. I did not want that nasty thing in my mouth. Mommy laughed at me and told her it was time for the gloves to go in the laundry. I’m not sure I like that idea either I like when Mommy and Thea’s scent are on the gloves.